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Jas Obrecht fue uno de los articulistas más importantes de la revista Guitar Player durante muchos años, especialmente durante la época en que las entrevistas a los músicos eran largas y minuciosas, llenas de información relevante e interesante.  De un tiempo a esta parte está rescatando el material publicado en la revista, el cual se puede encontrar en la página Jas Obrecht Music Archive. ¡Muy recomendable!

Aquí narra como se gestó la primera entrevista a Eddie Van Halen:

On July 23, 1978, Van Halen and AC/DC opened the show for the Pat Travers Band, Foreigner, and Aerosmith at the Day on the Green concert at the Oakland Coliseum. Van Halen was midway through their first world tour, and this was their first northern California appearance. The band delivered a spectacular set. With Dave Lee Roth singing, they covered most of their debut album – “On Fire,” “I’m the One,” “Runnin’ With the Devil,” “Ain’t Talkin’ ’Bout Love,” “Atomic Punk,” “Feel Your Love Tonight,” and “You Really Got Me” – as well as “Bottoms Up” and “D.O.A.,” which would later show up on Van Halen II. Bassist Michael Anthony and drummer Alex Van Halen each took a solo turn, and then at the set’s climax Eddie Van Halen played “Eruption,” the earth-shaking guitar blitz that would, in essence, redefine the boundaries of hard-rock guitar. My introduction to Eddie came quite unexpectedly shortly after the band left the stage.

The new assistant editor for Guitar Player magazine, I had been sent to the event to interview Pat Travers. When I showed up at his trailer, tape recorder and questions in hand, Travers looked up from his groupies and mirror just long enough to send me away with a petulant wave. I was not happy. To blow off steam, I began shooting baskets at a small court Bill Graham had set up backstage. A lean, wiry young guy about my age came over and said, “Hey, man, can I shoot with you?” After a spirited game of one-on-one, we sat in the shade at the court’s edge. “What band are you in?” he asked.

“I’m not in a band.”

“What are ya doin’ here?”

“I’m an editor from Guitar Player magazine. I came here to interview Pat Travers, but he blew me off.”

“Pat Travers blew you off? I can’t fucking believe that! Why don’t you interview me? Nobody has ever wanted to interview me.”

“Who are you?”

“Edward Van Halen.”

I switched on my recorder, and Eddie gave me what he would later refer to as his “first major interview.” Here, for the first time ever, is a complete, unexpurgated transcription of our conversation from courtside.  

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